Cards referenced here are available on basis first ordered ; first served.
No cards will be reserved.
Orders can be made to Email :     janvaro @
You will received confirmation for availability on the items ordered.
Don't worry it can take a while.
prices & payment is CASH EUR., USD = EUR * 1.25
VISA,MASTERCARD,EUROCARD is possible at 1  +3% for transaction costs.
PAYPAL accepted at 1  +4% for transaction costs.
BELGIUM citizens pay on 734/2021299/22 
EUROPEAN citizens can pay on IBAN : BE06 7342 0212 9922 ; BIC : KREDBEBB
Payment per Cheque or Via banktransfer is extra 17.50  for inland bankcosts.
Postage is at cost depending on weight and country ; Registered is extra EUR 4.
This listing is a computer generated list and can contain some description error or
mistakes,quotation and price errors. It is possible that separated listed cards are
only offered in sets. Especially if you want only the hihest denomination.
For orders above 200 EUR , 10% discount on the cards valued less than 10 EUR
For orders above 500 EUR , 20% discount on the cards valued less than 10 EUR
More than 1000 EUR , 30% discount on the cards valued less than 10 EUR
The Currency indicated in these listings are the catalog value and catalog currency,
followed by SELLING PRICE in EUR (this is the last column).
		Cards from BELGIUM
		Cards from AUSTRIA : OSTERREICH New 8/MAr/04
                Cards from SWEDEN : SVERIGE     New 12/MAr/04 
		Cards from EUROPE
		Cards from RUSSIA
		Cards from UKRAINE 
		Cards from AFRICA (includes update Red Catalog Mvcards)
		Cards from AMERICA North & South
		Cards from ARABIA gulfstates
      		Cards from ASIA  Maleysia added
		Cards from CARAIBIAN + Ascension
		Cards from PACIFIC
		Cards from PUZZLES
		Cards from GSM cards
		Cards from Recharge cards 
		Cards from SATELLITE based
		Cards from CREDIT TELEPHONE  new section 28/12/2003
		Visuals of THEMATIC cards OWLS,DIVING,PINGUIN,SHARKS New section 5/1/2003
		Cards with THEMATICS (list only) 
		Cheapest cards per Country that I offer.
		Most Expensive cards per Country that I offer (above EUR 200). 
		if you don't find what you are looking for , let me know.

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