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[My photo on a phonecard]

Hello dear collector.  Did you remember the day you started collecting 
phonecards ??  It was about august 1989 that I did the effort to pick up
a thrown-away phonecard with the Lessive ground station satellites , found
just in front of the train station. Before that day I gathered these
cards for a friend, just to exchange them for other things.
Before that day the Belgium cards were only UGLY red with some numbers
written on it. At that time , without interest to me.
So .. I made contact with my friend and we came together to see what we
were collecting, because there was no information, and the phone company
was not willing to give some information (as it is this day too !!).

So I informed me and I made my OWN phonecard with the name of my company
JAVARO SYSTEMS (not the one shown above which is a make-up for myself. 
The card was issued at 1.000 pieces in April 1990 and my
card was the 6th private card issued in Belgium.

My collection grow and grow, and now I haven't any space left in my safe 
to store them safely. I think I have about 26.000 different (it's only a guess) cards 
regarding the world, except JAPAN where I started a collection of 'TELECA'company
cards, and I gathered about 13.000 of these . But it's all too much for me.
Now I am collecting mainly RUSSIA and UKRAINE as this is unspoiled area, which good future.

I have also a thematic collection of MERCEDES-BENZ .
Also BEER (As we are in Belgium the Beer country) is one of my big
interests. One of my spare time spendings are DIVING, so I collect DIVING as thematic too.
see my home site for Diving : www.javaro.be This is my actual job. 
Weight : 70 Kg
Lenght : 1.82 m
Birthday : 27/11/61 , Elsene , Belgium
Wife   : 1
Name   : Veronique
Kids   : 2
Name   : Gerrie 18 years , Gerrit 14 years

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