Title description and item description defines the contents of this item.READ CAREFULLY.
If the picture includes more or less or different cards ALWAYS the TITLE and ITEM description is proof of contents.
Cards and numbers according to Golden Italia catalog for Belgium and MV-cards catalogs for other countries. Cards used in normal condition unless otherwise stated.
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NO CASH accepted , even registered.  

For Belgium customers only banktransfer on account 734/2021299/22
European transfer SWIFT/ IBAN : BE06 7342 0212 9922 and BIC : KREDBEBB is most easiest and way to pay without risk.
Make Electronic fund EURO-transfer costs normally nothing in EEC states.

I accept SKRILL.COM at no extra cost to account 'casajavaro(at)gmail.com'

I accept PAYPAL to my 'personal acccount' : 'pay(at)javaro.be'  without extra costs. 
This account does NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARD payments.
This means that you need sufficient positive amount on your paypal account to pay the transaction.

I accept PAYPAL to my 'business account':  'creditcard(at)javaro.be'  with extra the costs calculated by paypal.
This means  EXTRA 1 eur per transaction + 4% on the amount to pay.
This account accepts Credit card payments , but you pay the costs calculated by paypal ON YOUR CHARGE.

Surface or Airmail Postage is always extra AT COST, depending on country of destination and weight..

Postage costs from   Northern




Europe Asia    
BAHAMAS     Africa+others
1 28 add : 1,40 1,60 1,40 1,60 1,60  
each extra 14 GRAMS 0,7 0,8 0,7 0,8 0,8
  Registered add 4,5 EUR  
Insured mail NOT AVAILABLE  
EMS Pack   around 20 EUR for 450 grams / 3 EUR extra per 250 grams


Registered mail extra (additional) is 4,50 EUR.
Cards are send upon receipt of money-transfer ALWAYS at risk of the buyer.
Seller is not responsible for loss of any mail; after deposit at the post-office.
Buyer should include necessary precautions for getting his cards for sure.
although the value of an registered mail is EUR 35 in case of lossby postal services..
For amounts hiher than 35 EUR; registred / insured is preferred (please inform me if you want to do so);
In case of loss Buyer will be refunded for the amount 35 EUR OR the insured value.

If you have a counter-proposal for these cards , let me know.